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Physiotherapy, acupuncture and sports massage
We are an energetic and positive archipelagowellnessteam - physiotherapist Marika Melkko, Leila willstedt and our sports masseur Linus Pakalén. We treat you with the right feeling, quality and with professionalism.

Together we find ways to improve your well-being. We offer you individual treatment in a calm and safe archipelago environment.

Physiotherapy: special treatment techniques, with exercises, instruction and guidance we determined the problem and we choose a individual treatment.
You can come to us for physiotherapy both with and without an recommendation from a doctor.

Acupuncture: An effective treatment method against pain.

Massage/sports massage: increases the metabolism in the muscles. with different massage techniques you can get the muscles to activate or to relax. Massage increases your well-being and the muscles function level as well as the tensions are being decreases.


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